No Man’s Sky:What Happens If You Try To Walk Around A Planet

Hello Games made a lot of promises to the gaming community in terms of awesome features for its latest space exploration game No Man’s Sky. The pre-launch trailers for the game were breathtaking to say the least. Long story short, No Man’s Sky wasn’t even close to the game that was shown in the trailers. Now a No Man’s Sky player has unearthed another missing feature. You know No Man’s Sky is supposed to have about 18 quintillion planets spread throughout its “infinite” universe. Not only that, but the developers behind the game also assured gamers before the launch that


Should You Play Project Highrise?

Project Highrise isn’t just your average office management/simulation game. The best part about the game is that the system’s within the game are very simple to understand in the beginning. But as you progress in the game, the same simple systems evolve into challenging ones and present the player some really complex problems. All of this and a lot more, is what makes Project Highrise a really fun micromanaging video game. For the most part. If you thought that a building was just a structure with lots of rooms then Project Highrise will certainly change your mind. The buildings in

Do You Need A Pokemon Go Plus?

Do we really need to remind you that despite no more players falling down the hill or finding dead bodies under bridges, Pokemon Go is still the most downloaded mobile game of all time? But don’t worry, we won’t talk about Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile video game anymore because now is has a nice little companion to it now. So we ll focus on that. The Pokemon Go Plus band is a, what can be appropriately called, peripheral accessory to the original Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android smartphones. If you want to get yourself one

Why You Should Get An iPhone 7

Maybe you don’t need a new smartphone right now. Maybe you don’t want any smartphone ever. But we’re here to tell you that the new Apple iPhone 7 is here and it is one of the most elegant looking smartphones in the market right now. So if you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, you better do it fast because a smartphone as good as an iPhone sells out pretty quickly. But how do you buy an iPhone 7? More specifically, how do you find out which deal is the best for you? There is the regular iPhone 7 and

PS4 Slim And PS4 Pro: Everything You Need To Know

Congratulations. You will now be able to buy PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro near your stores very soon because Sony’s latest gaming consoles have finally arrived. It took months of speculation, some clever piece of journalism and of course a little work from the engineers working at Sony, but all that was worth it because the next generation of PlayStation gaming consoles is here. The new consoles were announced by Sony at a press event which was held in Playstation Theater in New York City a couple of days ago. Now, granted, holding a major product event the same day

Apple iPhone 7: Everything You Need to Know

We had to deal with annoying rumors for over a year now but all that struggle has finally paid off as the Apple’s new iPhones have finally arrived. Not surprisingly, Apple has gone for two versions of its flagship smartphone. One is your regular iPhone 7 and the other is iPhone 7 Plus. The two iPhone 7’s can’t be called exact twins but there is enough similarity between the two that both of them are practically glass and aluminum reflections of what Apple has shown us before with its iPhone series. The good news is that even though the iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Does It Again and Causes Massive Damage

Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in a hotel room and caused $1400 worth of property damage. No one knows if this will be the last time when a  Note 7 explodes and makes it to another day’s headlines. But this time was different because of the fact that not only was the smartphone rendered useless (because it was scorched) but the surroundings of the smartphone also had to bear the brunt of Samsung’s utter lack of technical expertise as far as the Note 7 s battery is concerned. Various reports have revealed that the blown up smartphone caused damages in